Eversfield Studio, Horsham, West Sussex, UK - recording studio services for bands, singers or musicians


Multi-track Recording: £240 per day (£30 per hour)
Multi-tracking is the standard method for recording and over-dubbing audio, where each instrument is recorded onto a separate track. Eversfield Studio uses an Apple Mac based computer system with Logic Version 7 software. The system can record up to 20 tracks at once and play back up to 48.

Mastering: £30 per hour
We can master your recording to CD, DVD, Mini Disk or DAT. The final touches can be tweaked using the various audio plug ins available through Wave Burner Pro. We can also convert audio to MP3 or from Vinyl onto CD or MP3.

Rehearsals: £10 per hour
When available the live room can be booked out as a rehearsal facility, a 2K Mackie PA is on site and the Mapex studio drum kit and Yamaha S90 keyboard are also available to clients, Other equipment includes a 50 watt Marshall top and 4 x 12 Cab and a 100 watt Carlsbro keyboard / bass amp.

PA Hire From £250 (including operator)
A 2K Mackie PA with sound engineer is available for hire. The rig includes, 2 x SRM450 tops, 2 x SRM1500 Subs, Yamaha 16 Channel Mixer, 4 x powered monitors and a Behringer 32 band stereo graphic equaliser + a full complement of microphones. We also have a 2K lighting rig if you need one. Rates start from just £250.00 (including operator and lights). The rig is suitable for a small to medium size function up to 400 people. Larger systems are also available, please call for details.

Pop Parties From £150, please see “Pop Parties” section for more details